Traumatic Birth Recovery: The 3 Step Rewind Process

What is 3 Step Rewind Therapy for Birth Trauma?

What is 3 Step Rewind Therapy for Birth Trauma?


A traumatic birth doesn’t Have to stay with you…

Whether your birth was on paper straight-forward or complicated, what matters is whether you experienced it as traumatic.

Perhaps you were scared, fearing for your or your baby’s life, or felt that you were not listened to or respected.

If you are living with symptoms from your birth trauma, such as a heightened sense of anxiety, flashbacks, nightmares, feeling irritable with those around you or you completely avoid all reminders of your birth then the 3 Step Rewind Technique is for you.

When you are pregnant again, it is not advised that you use EDMR so the 3 Step Rewind can help alleviate your symptoms and give you hope for a different future.

What does it involve?

Over 3 sessions we go through a specially designed process that allows you to share as much of your story as you feel comfortable with, we imagine a goal state without symptoms and by rewinding the memory, we break the negative emotional attachment to the memory.

Step 1 / Session 1: 90 Mins

Your Story & Your Goal State

Step 2 / Session 2: 60 mins

Rewind Process

Step 3 / Session 3: 30 mins

Follow up

Who needs to be there?

Uniquely, this process can be followed either individually or as a couple, depending on how each person feels about the event and how it affects them day-to-day.

Where do the sessions take place?

You can choose where the sessions take place. If you’d prefer the privacy & neutrality of a therapeutic space then I use Brighter Spaces in the heart of Guildford. Perhaps you would like the flexibility of a session at your home or online via Zoom at a time that suits you.


  • Future, solution- focused therapy that doesn’t require you to tell your story over and over again.

  • Immediate relief from PTSD-like symptoms.

  • Take away relaxation audio for you to practice with.

How to Book

You can find my latest availability here on Calendly and once you book the first session you will re-directed to the shop where you purchase the package.

Once purchased you will asked to book the remaining sessions.