Hey Mama Positive Birth Affirmation Cards

Hey Mama Positive Birth Affirmation Cards


Positive Birth Affirmation Cards (with a difference) ✨

25 cards with a different affirmation on each card.

8.4cm x 5.5cm on white card.

Shipped worldwide within 3-5 business days from date of order.

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Are you pregnant & anxious? Have you had a previously bad birth experience? Perhaps you are scared of birth? Well Hey Mama has the positive birth affirmation cards for you ❤️⭐️

These have been specially designed with less of a focus on ‘natural’ birth - regardless of how you birth, you become a mother.

Using Hey Mama positive birth affirmations daily will help you to:

  • feel more calm & manage feelings of anxiety

  • build trust in your intuition

  • feel confident in the decisions you make around birth.

Whatever your story, you can have a positive birth.