“So what is Pregnancy Relaxation? Is that sort of like, fat yoga?”

James from Staines


Pregnancy relaxation is an exclusive session I have developed based on the hypnobirthing principles of controlled breathing, visualisation and deep relaxation.

This session for couples expecting at any point in their pregnancy takes place in a small group for one weekday evening.

This shorter style session gives you the chance over an hour and a half to learn how to access a deeply relaxed state, perfect for de-stressing and releasing tensions throughout pregnancy and birth. Midwives and birth professionals now know that fear leads to tension in a woman’s body which can cause pain in labour. By relaxing you allow your body do what it is designed to do.

In a small group you will get a chance to practice relaxation scripts, discover how all of the senses can be triggered to allow you to tap into your subconscious and what positive statements (affirmations) could support you during pregnancy. All in the comfort of a wonderfully lit room where I use aromatherapy oils and music where you and your partner are welcomed.

This session is not hypnobirthing or a full antenatal education but is a snippet of what you can expect from a full Hey Mama Hypnobirthing session.


“Sounds great Mama! But what can I expect?”

Good question. Let me run it past you!


So it sounds great? But what the hell are you going to be expected to do here? Stand on your head? Am I too fat? Can I do it in my trackies? Relax! We can kind of things can we expect to cover in a Hey Mama Pregnancy Relaxation Course?

Well, you will be guided through the session by me, a trained KGH Hypnobirthing teacher and founder of Hey Mama Hypnobirthing, to learn a handful of techniques so you can easily relax at home.

Practice is key to relaxation. If you would like to use relaxation during labour, it is really important that you do practice it during your pregnancy, as it will come to you more easily and naturally when you need it.

Relaxation scripts are used to access your subconscious and guide your body and mind to a deeply relaxed state. Although suitable for any time, deep relaxation scripts are usually best done at the end of the day, releasing stresses and strains of the day.

Visualisations help to use your imagination in a positive way. Sometimes we imagine things that increase tension and cause stress and anxiety. Using your mind in a different way on a regular basis can help to overcome or change your mind's focus. Where the mind leads the body follows!

Controlled breathing, deep breathing, abdominal breathing. Whatever you call it, it works to trigger your parasympathetic nervous system or ‘relax response’ which is responsible for reducing stress and releasing feel-good hormones. You will also feel more alert and in control with more oxygen flowing in your body.  


Are there any other benefits of learning to relax during pregnancy and birth? Yes, lots!

- Reduce anxiety, improve your sense of well-being and positivity around the pregnancy.

- You can feel less aches and pains as you will be more aware of muscle tension that can cause these.

- Allow yourself time out from problems, difficulties or responsibilities. Rest your body and mind.

- During labour, you will have less painful and intense surges.

- Helps you cope with labour better, resting between surges and saving energy so that you can have more to use for the whole birth journey.

- After birth, it is easier to settle your baby when you are relaxed.

- Relaxation and breathing even helps you breastfeed, by encouraging the ‘let down reflex’.

(Just a reminder that this session is not a full KGH hypnobirthing course or a complete antenatal education but is a taster of what you can expect from a full Hey Mama Hypnobirthing session.)


“ Why should I choose a Hey Mama Session?

You are on fire today! Let’s get in to this…


Once you book a Hey Mama Pregnancy Relaxation session, you automatically become part of an exclusive club for like-minded mamas who value a relaxed and personal approach to pregnancy.

At only £60 for one and a half hours teaching time I’ll pack in more than enough content for you to leave feeling like you have powerful, practical tools for pregnancy.

It can be an anxious and stressful time, but it doesn’t have to be! If we learn to recognise the physical symptoms of stress, we are more likely to be able to act and overcome them before, during and after pregnancy. All of my pregnancy relaxation sessions take place in a small, intimate group setting where you and your birth partner will join no more than 5 other couples who are, like you, ready to de-stress.

Designed to complement and enhance other antenatal classes such as pregnancy yoga, you can practice what you have learnt in my Pregnancy Relaxation Session alongside any other birth preparations you take part in.


From a Hey Mama Pregnancy Relaxation Session you can expect:

- One and a half hours of teaching by me, a trained KGH hypnobirthing teacher.

- Calming music and aromatherapy oils in a softly lit room to enhance the relaxation you will feel.

- A small group of other like-minded pregnant couples in your local area.

- One Mini Hey Mama Hypnobirthing Pack full of the relaxation scripts, affirmation statements and directions for the controlled breathing techniques to accompany the session and take home with you.

- Tools and tips to help you practice relaxation, visualisation and controlled breathing wherever you may need them. These are great life skills to take you through pregnancy and beyond!


“When & where do the sessions take place ?”

All in good time, Mama. Let me clarify…


Once you book a Hey Mama Pregnancy Relaxation session, you automatically become part of an exclusive club for like-minded mamas who value a relaxed and personal approach to pregnancy.

Pregnancy Relaxation sessions take place monthly on a weekday evening, when it is most convenient for you and your partner to attend. We always have luxury hot and cold refreshments available - I can promise that there will be cake and gluten/dairy free options!

Check here [insert link to sessions] for dates and availability.  

You will need to bring a yoga mat or birthing ball. I have some spare mats and bolsters available but you might feel more relaxed if you have a favourite pillow or cushion.

Currently they are in the following locations:

  • TUESDAY in Addlestone -  The Addlestone Community Centre, Garfield Road, Addlestone KT15 2NJ

  • WEDNESDAY in Staines - The Hythe Centre, Thorpe Road, Staines, Middlesex, TW18 3HD

Venues are modern and spacious but more importantly have free parking (behind the centres) and are fully accessible for those with disabilities. I am committed to running inclusive sessions as I believe every voice matters.


How do I book a Hey Mama Pregnancy Relaxation Session?”


Congratulations on taking the first step towards deep relaxation and positive well-being!

You can book a session [here]. You will leave feeling calmer and more chilled out than when you entered, I promise. Once you have booked a Hey Mama Pregnancy Relaxation Session you will receive an email confirming your place. If you have any questions about this session please do contact me or check out the FAQs here.

You will also receive a mini Hey Mama Pack full of the relaxation scripts, affirmation statements and directions for the controlled breathing techniques we use during the session when you arrive at the venue.

I am passionate about pregnancy, women and perinatal mental health. Through my Hey Mama Pregnancy Relaxation sessions I want to remind you that you’ve got this mama!


Still unsure whether to book a Hey Mama Pregnancy Relaxation Session?

- Prioritise your own wellbeing because a happy mama means a happy baby!

- Learn how to deeply relax and let go of any stress and tension you may be holding.

- A great opportunity to bond as a family by spending extra special time each day practicing your relaxations.

- Take away tools and tips for keeping calm and avoiding stress if your pregnancy journey goes differently than planned.

- Leave feeling confident and positive about the upcoming birth of your baby.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you!

Rachel x

Founder, Hey Mama Hypnobirthing Co.


Ready to relax, Mama?