What is Hypnobirthing?

You’ve probably heard about it. What does it actually involve?


You can relax, hypnobirthing isn’t stage hypnosis.

(I won’t be waving a pocket watch at you)

Hey Mama Hypnobirthing sessions are a complete antenatal education for you and your partner. It is logical, simple and practical. Hypnobirthing has been designed to give you the tools and techniques, based on self-hypnosis, controlled breathing and relaxation exercises, that can change your birth experience.

You could think of hypnobirthing as sports psychology for birth. The sessions bring together the physiology and psychology of birth resulting in the knowledge and confidence that you can do this, however your birth goes. A positive birth is far more important than a ‘perfect’ birth.

Did you know that fear leads to tension, that can lead to pain in labour? Your body is designed to birth. By reducing the fear and stress, your uterine muscles can work with plenty of oxygen and endorphins and replace the stress hormones that can cause your muscles to tense up and tighten, which can be the main source of pain.

Hypnobirthing is very effective. Women who use hypnobirthing will be less likely to need pain relief, more likely to have a normal birth and more likely to have an increased sense of well-being and satisfaction. You can achieve this with a Hey Mama Hypnobirthing session!


Sounds great but what can I expect from a session?


Together, our goal is for you to achieve the most peaceful and empowering birth that I know you are capable of.

My informal and relaxed sessions are a complete birth education and are designed to put you at ease whilst being informative and practical.

  • We will cover everything you need to know about the uterus, your hormones and what you can do to support your body and baby be in the best position for birth.

  • We look at the power of words on the mind, how our subconscious brain influences our body and think about using positive affirmations to counter negativity.

  • You will discover what really happens during labour and birth, how best to navigate health services and what your birth partner can do to really make a difference for you in labour.

  • You will learn how to release stress and tension, using scripts and audios alongside learning how to develop sensory triggers to bring you deeper into relaxation.

Hey Mama Hypnobirthing session use up to date research combined with the specialist Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing (KGH) learning materials. KGH is the UK’s leading hypnobirthing training provider and is the only teacher training accredited by the Royal College of Nursing & Midwifery so that you can be assured you are receiving one of the best courses available.

Read the first chapter of the KGHypnobirthing book that accompanies the course and is included in your Hey Mama Hypnobirthing pack for FREE here.


What are the benefits of hypnobirthing?

- You are less likely to need to have labour induced as we cover why due dates are a myth and ways to naturally prepare for birth.

- Your labour is like to be shorter and more efficient, as you use relaxation and visualisations with controlled breathing techniques to birth your baby so peacefully.

- You are less likely to need any assistance or medication, as you will be so calm and relaxed encouraging your body to work as nature intended by reframing your thoughts around birth and using positive affirmations.

- Babies tend to be calmer, feed better and sleep better because they are gently and calmly born into the world at their own pace.

- After the birth, you are likely to have a shorter stay in hospital and have less anxiety after the birth. There is even evidence to suggest you are less like to develop postnatal depression too.

- You can apply the techniques you’ve learnt to release stress and anxiety in many other situations in life beyond birth.


Why should I choose a Hey Mama Hypnobirthing Session?


Once you pick the perfect Hey Mama Hypnobirthing session you are automatically a part of an inclusive club for like-minded mamas who value a relaxed and personal approach to pregnancy.

My passion is supporting women through pregnancy and birth. It can be an anxious and stressful time but it doesn’t have to be, with all the support you can expect from Hey Mama Hypnobirthing. However you plan to give birth I will tailor our sessions to suit your needs.


What can you expect from a Hey Mama Hypnobirthing session:

- You can expect to develop resilience and a deep sense of knowing that you can do it.

- Your birth partner will be prepared to give you holistic support - emotional, psychological, physical and practical.

- You will learn how to communicate with your midwives and obstetricians to get the care you deserve.

- You can prepare for a higher risk or caesarean birth with Hey Mama Hypnobirthing - it is about having a positive experience.


I want to know more about your sessions…

All in good time, Mama. Let me clarify…


One to One and Refresher Hey Mama Hypnobirthing sessions take place in the comfort of your own home. Our house is often where you feel most relaxed - perfect for learning hypnobirthing! One to one sessions can be booked as four blocks of 3 hours (e.g. evenings), two full day sessions over two weeks or over consecutive days (e.g. one weekend). It really is up to you!

Contact me here and you can be reassured I will do all I can to accommodate you.

Small Group Hey Mama Hypnobirthing sessions take place monthly either over two Saturdays or over a weekend, when it is most convenient for you and your partner to attend. We always have luxury hot and cold refreshments available - I can promise that there will be cake and gluten/dairy free options.

Check here for dates and availability.  

Currently the sessions run in the following locations:

  • St James’s C of E, Weybridge LT13 8PL

Venues are modern and spacious but more importantly have free parking (behind the centres) and are fully accessible for those with disabilities.


How do I book a Session?


Well done Mama, you have chosen to invest in one of the biggest days of your life.

Broken down, small group sessions are less than £30 per hour and include the Hey Mama Hypnobirthing Pack, access to a library of up-to-date resources, email support throughout your pregnancy and sessions with a trained KGH hypnobirthing teacher. It will be one of the best purchases you make for you and your baby.  

Once you book a Hey Mama Hypnobirthing session you will receive a confirmation email detailing your next steps and includes a FREE audio to start your hypnobirthing journey.

You get your exclusive Hey Mama Hypnobirthing Pack at the first session and this lovely organic tote bag is filled full of resources designed to support your practice at home. I especially love the positive affirmation cards for pregnancy by YESMUM - you could keep these next to your bed and use them everyday to remind yourself that you’ve got this!

After the sessions if you find you have more questions or come across a situation that you need more support with, you can email me at any point. If you need reminding of your magic, I will be there for you. 


Still unsure about booking a Hey Mama Hypnobirthing session?

- You are more likely to have a calm and peaceful birth, the best start that you and your baby could ask for.

- Have more confidence in your body and your baby’s ability to birth as you were designed to do.

- Receive an exclusive Hey Mama Hypnobirthing Pack full of the most relevant and useful resources to support your practice at home.

- Access my support throughout your pregnancy up to birth whatever comes up in your journey.

- Give yourself the best chance of feeling happy, proud and awestruck at what you achieved.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you!

Rachel x

Founder, Hey Mama Hypnobirthing Co.


Ready to feel empowered, Mama?