Worried about how your baby will be born?


Hey Mama Hypnobirthing will help you take the fear out of birth with a personal, tailored antenatal course.


Hey Mama, welcome!

Hi I’m Rachel and I want to support you to have an empowering birth experience. I have developed a unique antenatal course that explores before, during and after birth including the fourth trimester. Once a baby is born, so is the mother and with Hey Mama you can feel totally prepared for life with your newborn.

My focus is on guiding you through to your birth and the transition into motherhood, without judgement or shame. Whether its your first or third pregnancy, I will work together with you to:

  • Unlock your Inner Confidence & Excitement for Birth

  • Discover a Sense of Control

  • Tap into your Inner Calmness & techniques for Deep Relaxation (life-long skills!)

  • Learn what Comfort Measures are available to you in Labour

  • Know what your Choices are through labour & beyond

  • Explore your Birth Preferences and create a Post Natal Support Plan

I am a KGH-accredited Hypnobirthing teacher in Surrey registered with FEDANT (Federation of Antenatal Educators) and my special interest is perinatal maternal mental health so you can trust that you will receive an excellent antenatal education.

Your birth preparation course options are:

  • Group Hypnobirthing Course in Weybridge - weekend 2 day course £295

  • Private Hypnobirthing Course in Surrey, Berkshire or SW London - Flexible 12 hour course £395.

  • Condensed Hypnobirthing Course in Surrey, Berkshire or SW London - 1 day course £199

  • Refresher Hypnobirthing Course in Surrey, Berkshire or SW London - 3 hour course £145

(Know somehow who is pregnant? Why not buy them a gift card towards a course!)

Learn more about Hypnobirthing here.

Why take a Hey Mama Hypnobirthing course?

  • You can access FREE email and phone support after the course up to birth

  • Learn techniques that you will support you practically through birth and in challenging life situations

  • I have over 10 years experience in supporting people in their mental health & was previously a student Mental Health Nurse

  • You can build your confidence in having a positive birth experience if you have had a negative experience previously

You can find me on The Luna Hive (I’m a Luna Hive expert practitioner).

If fear is holding you back from enjoying your pregnancy and you are worried about your birth, then contact me today to book a free consultation call or book the perfect course for you.


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