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“Hypnobirthing felt like a secret I wanted to tell every expectant couple about ”

Rachel Clarke

Founder, Hey Mama Hypnobirthing Co.


Welcome to Hey Mama!

My name is Rachel and I founded Hey Mama because I believe every woman should come out of giving birth feeling happy and proud of what her body and baby have achieved.

I started on this journey in 2008 when I graduated with a BSc(Hons) Psychology. After university I studied for 2 years as a postgraduate student Mental Health Nurse. It’s amazing how strong and confident people can be in the most challenging circumstances.

I love to support all women but especially those who have anxiety around birth or other mental health issues, second or subsequent parents and those who have had a previously traumatic birth experience. My unique course gives you all the tools you need to release fear, remain calm and feel excited for your birth however you choose to have your baby. Birth is intense and powerful, but so are you.


“It’s amazing how strong and confident you can be giving birth.”

However you plan to birth, make it a positive experience.


I had my son in 2017 and my world was turned upside down. I was sceptical that hypnobirthing could actually have a profound effect on my birth, but it did.

Now I couldn’t stop telling anyone how great hypnobirthing was but was surprised how few women knew how labour worked but also how incredibly designed their body was for birth.

After my positive birth, I trained with Katherine Graves Hypnobirthing, the UK’s leading hypnobirthing company and accredited by the Royal College of Midwives.

I also developed post natal depression after my birth and really wish I had spent time planning how I was going to be supported emotionally and practically after my baby arrived!

This pushed me to develop a unique course that gives you the best start to motherhood.

This is a full antenatal education that also focuses on postnatal planning and I promise you will come out feeling confident and excited for birth.

I also believe that if your birth was traumatic you can move on and heal. I am an accredited Traumatic Birth Recovery 3 Step Rewind Practitioner and use hypnotherapy to relieve anxiety symptoms especially if you are thinking about or already pregnant following birth trauma.

Remember, you’ve got this mama!


Founder, Hey Mama Hypnobirthing x