Birth Story - Follow Your Instinct

Birth Story

One awesome Mama shares her story about birthing her second baby recently. She had been planing to have a VBAC plan but ended up trusting her instinct and having an emergency c-section which was a positive, calm experience for her as she followed her instinct and saved her baby.

“I wanted to share my birth story following the birth of my second child 4 weeks ago….

With my first baby I had an unplanned c-section following an induction at 42 weeks. The induction was given when I was already in labour and I have since received an apology from the hospital for this decision. After the birth I ended up feeling that I had been forced to do something I did not want to, or need to, do and was very confused and upset by what had happened. This time I was keen to do things differently….researched and practiced hypnobirthing… 

I used my new knowledge to prepare for a meeting with the consultant midwife at my local hospital (described as a ‘birth choices’ clinic). I was keen to avoid a birth on the consultant unit which is standard practice for a VBAC. I didn’t want a repeat of the medicalised birth I had last time and was keen to have a VBAC in the birthing pool in the midwife led unit at the hospital. My community midwife and a registrar I saw early in the pregnancy told me this was not possible, but the consultant midwife was very supportive and signed off this decision. Apparently ten women a year have a VBAC in the midwife led unit in this hospital (I think this is a shockingly low when you consider that it’s the only hospital in a capital city and that this is standard practice in some other UK hospitals!). I felt really pleased to have been ‘allowed’ to have my baby in the midwife led unit and was positive (even quite excited!) about the upcoming birth…

However, two days before my due date I was a bit concerned as I couldn’t feel my baby moving very much. I mentioned this to a friend saying that I was probably being over anxious and she replied that if I had noticed it then it was probably worth noticing. Wise advice indeed! That evening I tried to increase the movements by drinking cold water, bouncing on my birth ball and lying down. Eventually I felt him move, but it still didn’t feel right….

We took our daughter to school and then went to the foetal assessment unit. They put me on a monitor and found that his heart rate was intermittently dipping and taking a while to recover. Through the day we received great care and fantastic communication, including a visit from staff in the consultant unit to explain why they wanted to move me there and to discuss this with me and get my agreement. As his heart rate dips increased and the situation deteriorated it was decided that an emergency c-section was needed. Hypnobirthing breathing really helped me to stay calm at this point!

Once he was born it was discovered that he had a knot in the cord and the cord wrapped around his neck 4 times!! Several midwives have now told me how lucky we are that he is here! Had I gone into labour spontaneously the knot would have tightened and that would’ve been it. So while I didn’t get the natural hypnobirth I so desired and had worked towards, it was a good outcome. Hypnobirthing helped me to understand what was happening, to ask the right questions and to stay calm and in control.”