Maryam's Birth Story

Read the story of Maryam’s second birth….

“Sorry it’s taken so long to fill you in but in short, am so grateful for the hypnobirthing! My labour was 4 hours from start to end.

Exactly 39 weeks just like Noah was, my waters broke early on Tuesday morning. I remained calm (plus thought this is going to take ages to kick off) so decided to have a shower. Whilst in there I started getting mild contractions so wasn’t really sure whether to stay and wait or go to the hospital as it takes an hour to get there plus was already 8am so rush hour. By the time I’d got dressed the contractions were stronger and Will was keen to get us to the hospital. We dropped Noah off at the neighbours and got all my stuff and set off. Took about 45 mins to arrive by which point the contractions were quite close together and strong. Upon examination I was 7cm dilated so was taken straight to the home from home unit which had only one midwife lead so was really nice and relaxed. A couple of hours later, and no pain relief other than gas and air, she was here! It would have been 45 mins quicker if she hadn’t been back to back just like Noah was but the midwife didn’t tell me till after she was born which meant that I kept calm. Otherwise I may have given up if I had known.

I had a play list prepared, tens machine ready but didn’t get a chance to use any of these things as it was all so quick but I was still able to benefit from all the visualising and keeping myself calm and reminding myself that pain is power etc which helped me through the pain immensely.

Above all, I’m so so grateful for all your help and guidance and definitely put this down to the hypnobirthing as I had trained my mind to stay strong and believe in my body. Also the raspberry leaf tea, clary sage and homeopathy. It was so empowering and surreal and am still in awe of my body being able to achieve all this. Literally felt invincible!

Thank you again for all your help and will definitely be shouting about this to all my pregnant friends!”

Rachel Clarke