Thinking about a Home Birth like Meghan?

Having a baby at home isn’t as scary as it might appear in recent headlines. 

You may have seen that Meghan Markle is planning to ‘shun’ obstetrician-led care and is choosing to have private midwifes at her home when she gives birth to her baby.

It is a reflection of our current system that this choice, this autonomy over her care, is seen as out of the ordinary. She has been labelled a ‘birth brat’ for wanting to control factors around her birth. 

We know that when parents feel that they have controlled all that they could in a situation, where they have made informed decisions with both the benefits and risks of an action and where  they feel listened to, they are more likely to report having a positive birth experience. 

When you look at the figures (most often quoted is the Birth Place Cohort Study 2017), for a first-time mum with no other health complications - ‘low risk’ - the rate of a ‘normal’ birth is 69% with adverse outcomes for baby a mere 0.93%. Adverse outcomes includes everything from a dislocated shoulder, breathing troubles, right up to stillbirth. When you compare that to  a labour ward, the chance of having a ‘normal’ birth is a lot lower at 46% with the adverse outcome rate 0.53%.

What can happen is that women choose to transfer to hospital due to baby positioning affecting labour progression, wanting stronger pain relief or feeling out of control (not normally someone using hypnobirthing!)

With a full Hey Mama Hypnobirthing course (private or group sessions) that look at birth places such as the pros & cons of birthing in each setting. We will explore your fears and assumptions about each setting, supporting you to be confident when you think about your birth preferences.

Remember, you’ve got this!

Rachel x

Rachel Clarke