Why Hypnobirthing Can Help You C-Section Mama

Why Hypnobirthing Can Help You C-Section Mama

If you are pregnant and planning on having a Caesarean section (C-Section) then perhaps you have ruled out hypnobirthing for your birth preparation. Maybe you have an image in your mind of the type of people using hypnobirthing are those in a birthing pool at home so if you decide to birth any other way, hypnobirthing isn’t for you.

People are advised to have planned C-Sections for a number of reasons including breech presentations, multiple babies, current health conditions or even Tokophobia, a phobia of childbirth. Currently in the UK around 1 in 4 women are having C-Sections to birth and there can be underlying anxieties about this method of birth.

I tell parents that hypnobirthing is actually more helpful to people planning to birth outside of the ‘norm’. If it is your first C-Section then you may have fears about what to expect or some preconceptions about what other people have told you about this type of surgery.

How will hypnobirthing help me if I’m having a C-Section?

To give yourself the best possible start to parenthood, having a restful, relaxed and positive approach and mindset will leave you feeling ready for life with a newborn. You are more likely to be able to navigate your birth and to heal in the postnatal period. 

Hypnobirthing gives you lifelong tools to help you keep calm and when you are preparing for surgery, it is so important that you are able to remain relaxed and in control. Knowledge is power so knowing who to expect in theatre, how they will carry out the operation and ways you can make it a gentle experience will make it a positive birth story for you to carry with you into new parenthood.

However your baby makes an arrival into the world, the best start for it is to be flooded with lovely positive hormones like Oxytocin and beta-Endorphins. This helps baby keep calm, helps the placenta come away from the uterus and for the body to recover postnatally. Having that initial skin to skin contact will help with oxytocin to keep flowing however so will keeping calm and relaxed. The benefit of this is that as baby tries to have the first feed, your body will be more ready to produce the magic golden colostrum (the first milk) that is so good for baby’s gut. 

What are the benefits for my baby?

By giving your baby a relaxing and confident environment, it is more likely that baby will be less stressed and calm entering the world. Baby has it’s own Oxytocin and hormone systems that react to your stress responses, so keeping relaxed and lowering stress throughout pregnancy and birth will have a positive effect on your baby. If you listen to hypnobirthing relaxations out loud, your baby will also get used to the sound of the tracks and can be used to comfort baby after birth.

Although some babies born by C-Section may need a bit of help breathing to start with, this type of surgery remains one of the safest performed on the NHS and it can be reassuring to know the most up to date evidence and statistics to alleviate fears around the safety of the procedure. 

What are the benefits for my birth partner?

Most hypnobirthing courses will describe how your birth partner can be the most supportive and useful in keeping you calm and relaxed before birth. For C-Section births, you birth partner will have a similar role to a vaginal birth. They are your advocate and they should know in advance of the surgery what your preferences are. So if you know you want relaxation audios to be playing and someone puts on the radio, it is his job to remind them of your wishes. 

Birth partners can cut the cord if you both wish and unless baby needs immediate care, you can request skin to skin contact with your baby. Birth partners can remind you of your hypnobirthing tools as they are encouraged to attend hypnobirthing sessions as well as being your source of positivity.

However you plan to birth, you will benefit from knowing what options are available to you to make the experience a positive one. You will learn techniques that will calm you through the birth and can be taken into motherhood and beyond. Your baby and birth partner will benefit from this type of birth preparation.

If you are planning a C-Section, then I would recommend booking a short, condensed version of the Hey Mama Hypnobirthing Course. Over 6 hours either face to face (in your home, or in Guildford) or remotely via Skype you can learn how to prepare specially for your birth. Book a free 15 min consultation call today.