How to Be Kind to Yourself during birth

The new year naturally feels like the perfect time for reflection and thinking about how we can improve our lives. Normally this means our critical internal voice goes into overdrive. Thoughts about how we have over indulged, not taken enough exercise or what haven’t achieved this year can become so intrusive we don’t have much time or energy to think about anything else.

A new beginning should be a time for excitement and anticipation but often it is full of anxiety and self-doubt.

Here are my top tips to improve your confidence when you give birth:

1. Use daily affirmations. I like to use yesmum® affirmation cards (included in our Hey Mama packs) but you can even design them yourself. Just make sure that they need to be present and positive e.g. I am calm and confident about birth. When you wake up read a positive statement and over time the messages will stay with you at a subconscious level.

2. Read positive birth stories. The Positive Birth Book by Milli Hill has plenty (also in our packs) or you can access many online at Tell Me a Good Birth Story to counter any negativity you encounter from well-meaning colleagues or friends.

3. Watch real-life birth videos. Birth is normally uneventful. Watching shows like One Born Every Minute will not give you a realistic picture of how you will give birth as it would not make good tv! You can search Youtube for tons of positive birth videos to watch - it may surprise you how calm and capable women can be.

4. Understand that your body is designed to give birth. Knowledge is power! You will feel much more reassured that you can give birth once you know how your body and mind work together to achieve this, and how you can facilitate it by using the breathing techniques and visualisations we use in hypnobirthing.

Giving birth is not just about having your baby. It is about setting up your new life, your body, your wisdom and your empowerment. Using these techniques together will give you the best preparation and tools to give birth confidently.

You’ve got this,

Rachel x