PND & pregnancy

If you are contemplating pregnancy again after experiencing Postnatal Depression (PND) or you have discovered you are pregnant, it can be an incredibly daunting time. 

You may fear what others will think about your decision. You may be feeling apprehensive about what pregnancy with a toddler or child is like. You probably are experiencing conflicting emotions about whether this is the right thing to do. You may even have convinced yourself to immediately come off medication.

Here’s the thing: yes taking medication during pregnancy has risks but you have to balance those with your own needs.

Did you know that the leading cause of maternal death in the first year post partum is suicide? Supporting your mental health throughout pregnancy is as important as supporting the babies health in my opinion. Your health is equally important. So don’t feel guilty about taking the medication if you need it. Continue with any other support you are receiving like therapy or counselling. Remember to think about you 🌸

I’m not a doctor so you should discuss your care plan with your GP or midwife. Most trusts have a specialist perinatal mental health midwife so when you go into your booking appointment discuss with them this possibility for you. 

Remember, you’ve got this!

Rachel x

Rachel Clarke