A poem about Hey Mama

Hey Mama I see you. 

I see you mama, hoping with every fibre of your soul that this is the pregnancy that makes it, remembering all the angel babies that came before.

I see you mama, struggling with mounting anxiety as every week of your pregnancy passes, worrying about whether you will see baby healthy and alive.

I see you mama, feeling that decisions were made for you, wishing that your birth went differently and that somehow it was all your fault.

I see you mama, wondering whether the relentlessness of feeding and rocking will ever end and you can have some time to yourself again. 

I see you mama, dealing with family who are saying ‘you are making a rod for your back’ when all you want is for little one to be near you when you sleep.

I see you mama, crying as your partner leaves for work, overwhelmed with jealousy and resentment whilst knowing that they wish they could do more to support you.

I see you mama, dreading the sound of ‘mama, mama!’ at 2.30am, when everyone else is telling you that their baby is sleeping through.

I see you mama, trying to juggle the job you love with the guilt of leaving your little one at nursery. 

I see you mama, feeling bored and restless as you realise it’s only 11am when it feels like you have been awake forever. 

I see you mama, wondering how as your not-so-little one begins their first day of school and you wish you had made the most of those early years.

Remember you are seen and you’ve got this,

Rachel x